NB: Please remember this service is NOT a replacement for your current email
all email addresses are completely temporary and will be removed after use.

One of the most annoying things about the internet is the fact that you have to sign up for pretty much
EVERYTHING and sometimes you don't want to pass on your main email for just one quick message!

This is just a quick temporary service and should not be used for any sensitive info and if you are signing
up for newsletters or a service that will require to email you more than a couple of times, this is not for you.

ALL emails will last 60 minutes (with the ability to extend) BUT these emails are only intended to receive
a quick email, confirmation link, download link etc... Get email, use email, delete email account... Simple!

Phone Email Requests - Downloads - Quick Info - Directions - Confirmation
Basically anytime you have to pass on an email (for no good reason) create a quick
email and pass this on, get the message and simply delete the email address... EASY!

Or simply create your own temporary ninja email below